Graded Exams - The Definitive Guide 2018

Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre

This booklet is published by The Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre, of which Starbrite Studios is a member.

It describes the history, distinctiveness and purpose of Graded Exams, particularly how they contribute to the development of performing artists of all ages and ability - encompassing music, dance, drama and musical theatre - across the world.

It draws on the research and academic practices of twenty Awarding Organisations, all of which are committed and passionate about promoting progressive mastery in a range of performance disciplines. These organisations offer rigorous assessments, based on the well-known internationally acknowledged benchmarks that form 'the Grades'.

Today, Graded Exams are available in over ninety countries and attract more than a million candidates annually. We hope that you enjoy this booklet which explores why the Grades have become the world's most popular assessments in the arts.